Beaux Arts Magazine

March 2011


Le Cimaise

French art magazine

May – June 1998 n°254, p.82, by Gérard Xuriguera

April 1998, n°253, p.100 à 103, by M. Ali Louati



contemporary art review

2010, Hors Série n°3, « 100 artistes, 100 paris pour le XXIième siècle »

January 2004, by Pierre Souchaud

March 1988, Paris. Rétrospective Hajeri, n°3, Color Photograph in review cover

15th February 1988, Rétrospective Hajeri, n°2, p. 33, by Jean Planche, Paris


La Gazette Drouot

weekly auctions sales magazine

14th March 1997, by M.H.

19th December 1997 n°46, by M.H.

5th May 1995, n°18, by Marc Herrissé

Le Monde

leading French daily newspaper

1978, by Edelman



monthly art French review

April 1982, n°321, by Pierre Brisset



weekly cultural French review
30th November 1983, n°810, by Poussine


Demeures & Châteaux

French magazine

January 1987, n°38, by Nathalie Maquet

Le Courrier des Galeries

French art review

June – July 1989

March 1988, p.33, by Jean Planche


Olympiad of Arts

Official Catalog

August 1988, Rétrospective Hajeri, Seoul, South Korea


Jaridat Al-Fonoon

Monthly art magazine in Kuwait

November 2007


Paris Free Voice

American community newspaper of Paris

April 1989, by Sandra Kwock Silv


Le Figaro

leading French daily newspaper

6th June 1994, by Michel Nuridsani


French daily newspaper

16th December 2001

Le Dauphiné Libéré

French daily newspaper

5th February 2008, by Fabrice Bérard

3rd February 2008, by Fabrice Bérard

2nd February 2008, by Fabrice Bérard

2nd December 2001

23rd May 1990, by Sylvie Perrard, Isère



virtual contemporary museum of art

May 1994, n°40, reproduction page 51

cultural French magazine

25th May 1994, n°2315, information page 56


Jeune Afrique

weekly international magazine

From 3rd to 9th November 1998, n°1973, “l’Artiste Malgré lui” by Fouzia Zouari

From 12th to 18th May 1998, n°1948, by Emmanuelle Pontié

April – May 1997, n°1894-1875, by Mohamed Mestiri

From 11th to 17th May 1995, by Michelle Amzallag

Cahier de L’Orient

International review

3rd quarter of 1996 n°43, page135 à 144, par Elsa Despinay


International magazine

January 2000, n°157  page 59

November 1999, n°155 page 12

September 1997, n°129, « autoportrait d’un peintre » by Henriette Abboudi


French magazine

from 4 th to 10 th December 1997 n°234, color reproduction, by Alain de Karamoal

Côté Sud Magazine

French magazine

March 2004

Cahier de la peinture

monthly art  french review

May 1982, n°134, by Mondher Ben Milad


Al Hayat

Leading daily pan-arab newspaper, London

8th November 1999, by Abderrazak Akachaa

25th September 1998, n°12957, by Lasaad Arabi

16th April 1997, n°12466, by Lasaad Arabi

15th May 1995, by Lasaad Arabi

29th October 1992, by Menjod El Hijd


Le Temps

Tunisian daily newspaper

More than 20 articles from 1978 to 2015. Most of them have been written by Fathi Chargui, Sophie El Goulli, Raouf Medelgi, Hassin Kahouaji, Nadia Zouari, Hatem Bourial and Marianne Catzaras.


La Presse

Tunisian daily newspaper

More than 20 articles from 1985 to 2002. Most of them have been written by Mustapha Chelbi, Anne Marie El Khatib, Alya Hamza, Mourad Salem, Habib Bettaieb, Hamadi Hanachi, Hela Hezgui, Bady B. Naceur, Mounira Aoudi, Rafik Darragi,



Tunisian newspaper

5 articles between 1997 and 1999


Le Renouveau

Tunisian daily newspaper

3rd Septembre 2008, by Imène Khammassi

5th February 2002, by Hassen Bahani

6th November 1999, by Nizar Ben Saad

23rd January 1998, interview by Nizar Ben Saad


Al Akhbar

Tunisian newspaper

January 1987, by Ibrahim Azzabi



Tunisian daily newspaper

9th February 2002, by Khalil Gouia
23rd May 1992, interview by Mohamed Madhbouh

26th Jully 1990, interview by Mohamed Madhbouh

29th August 1989, by Mohamed Madhbouh

30th August 1988, interview by Mohamed Madhbouh

5 articles written by Mohamed Madhbouh and Khalil Gouia between August 1988 and 2002.


Tunis Hebdo

Tunisian weekly newspaper

12th December 1988, by Aïcha Filali
El Mstakbal

Tunisian newspaper

4th March 1989, n°628, interview by Ms Daad Kanab


Le Diplomate

Tunisian magazine

October 1992, n°8 page 47, by Sophie El Goulli